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Facility Use Guidelines for McGee's Crossroads Middle School Gym

McGee's Crossroads Middle School Gym

MCAA leases the gym from Johnston County Schools. MCAA is granted access to the gym ONLY after the Middle School functions are complete for the day.  When the Middle School has a home game, there is uncertainty about the exact time we can take the floor. The time it takes for the games to end, MCAA to gain access, and transition the gym for our practices is generally between 6:45 to 7:00pm.

MCAA asks the following. If the Middle school games, or any function  are not done when you arrive for practice, please have the kids watch the end of the game and support our Middle School team.  Once the Middle School game is over, we ask for the kids/players to meet with their teammates and coaches in the gym lobby, and do not re-enter the gym until the MCAA official on duty releases the teams to enter. This will ensure transition from the Middle School game to MCAA in the safest and most efficient manner. If the game isn’t over and your practice starts a little later than scheduled, take the opportunity to let your child observe some free Middle School basketball.  

In NO circumstances should a Parent, Player, or Coach address school personnel with their concern or complaint.   If you have any concerns, speak to the MCAA official that is present.

Please use the bleachers properly.  Do not walk on the seats. If your kid has slides, please have them change into basketball/tennis shoes once they enter the gym to prevent dirt on the gym floor as much as possible. The gym floor has been recently  repainted and we want to do our part to keep it looking new. And - no gum.

When our teams are practicing, we ask that kids avoid shooting on the side goals.   It’s a distraction to the team practice and not safe. We would prefer not to have to continually police it, but will do so as needed.